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Cleaning Tables

Clean Up 


  •  Clear remaining glassware + garbage during the reception / dance

  • Coordinate a sparkler send off at the end of the night

  • Turn off / blow out all candles

  •  Clean up the dessert display. Pack additional desserts up as needed

  • As you are saying your good bye’s to guests, we will pack up the decor in the bins/boxes they were brought in and place in designated car 

  • Remove linens as needed and place in linen bags

What's Included...

Starting at $300

Thanksgiving Dinner

Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner Coordination

What's Included...

  • Arranging rehearsal dinner location

  • Send out information to the bridal party (time and location for dinner)

  • Ceremony rehearsal walk through

Starting at $200

Setup Decor

We'll work together to gather inspiration and make sure your vision is achieved. We will set up all decor for the wedding day.

Starting at $600

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